TRINYL flap wheels and cylinders

The wheels are composed of TRINYL flaps attached radially around a central fibre core. Produced in a wide range of dimensions and based on the customer’s request, the flap wheels are generally used for rough-cutting, grinding and satin-finishing operations on steel, stainless-steel, non-ferrous metal and other surfaces. Depending on their dimensions, they are used on large automatic systems, bench saders, column sanders and on normal portable power tools.

For more information regarding the characteristics of our TRINYL material, see general characteristics of TRINYL.

The cylinders are large wheels with diameter up to 500 mm and a variable length from 10 to 2500 mm. Generally they are used in large systems for the production of stainless steel and particleboard panels, for satin-finishing on coils and sheets made of stainless steel, wood or plastic panels.

The wheels are the most versatile tools for finishing operations on any material:

  • on fixed systems they are used to create aesthetic finishes, for costume jewelry, handles, household articles, pots and pans, jewelry, etc…
  • on portable machines, for renewing satin-finishing or covering welds on stainless steel components such as sinks, hoods, parts for interior decoration generally and tools for the food industry.
  • on more complex systems, dry or wet, to lower the roughness of the steel surface.

Due to their anticlogging properties, they are able to smooth every type of wood and MDF perfectly, trim the pile before and after the primer coat and polish all painted supports. Because of their shape, they are also ideal for polishing  fixtures, rods and frames with difficult profiles, paints and aluminium alloys. They are also highly suited to “roughen” plastic and rubber as a preparation for painting.

The cylinders can be made in various sizes up to 2500 mm in a single piece when greater lengths are needed usually two or three rolls are supplied to be coupled before working. Every cylinder is dynamically rectified and balanced in order to avoid vibrations and beatings during use.

To obtain the desired satin-finishing it is necessary to vary the following parameters:

  • feed speed of the piece to machine
  • pressure of the roller
  • speed of rotation of the roller
  • oscillation of the roller

By modifying these variables in relation to the specification of the roller, different aesthetical effects are obtained, with more or less uniform finishes.

Wet machining improves the efficiency of the cylinder by lowering the heat. The water, mixed with mineral oils, allows for higher matt finishes, while the use of oils or greases alone yields shinier finishes.

Flap wheel dimension chartN.B. To correctly identify the TRINYL wheel, it is necessary to determine its dimensions, specification and density.

Flap wheels reducing flanges

The flanges are made of aluminium, turned, centred and perfectly balanced making the job of changing the wheel fast and simple.

Flange reduction chart

Flap wheel reducing fanges

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