TRINYL rolls and pads

TRINYL rolls and pads

The wide range of TRINYL products includes buffing pads and rolls in three abrasive types – aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, zirconium – and in the different granulometries and sizes. They can be used for hand work or fixed on orbital or rectilinear polishers. They are particularly suited for the removal of imperfection on surfaces and for general cleaning of all types of material: from metal to wood, from plastics to ceramics.

In the sizes suited for orbital or rectilinear polishers, or in hand work, Trinyl rolls and buffing pads are used in the wood industry for the finishing of raw material on painted base; in the metal industry for satin-finishing flat surfaces, removal of oxides, preparation of brass parts and in general for the removal of small imperfections on metal surfaces. On bodywork they are ideal for creating a matt surface since they do not easily clog.

TRINYL buffing pads are extremely flexible and able to adjust to any shape of the piece being worked on. They are able to operate both dry and wet, they leave no metal residues and they are extremely strong.

To clean TRINYL non-woven fabric it is enough to rinse it under water and blow it with compressed air so that it can be reused repeatedly.

For more information regarding the characteristics of our TRINYL material, see general characteristics of TRINYL.

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