ITEXFLOOR consists in a high thickness fibre (22 mm) produced using modern spray and impregnation techniques in order to obtain a perfect distribution of the abrasive grains.

This product was created for high performance in cleaning and polishing operations and is generally employed for hand work or mounted on specific tools.

The rolls of ITEXFLOOR fibre are generally cut into discs and pads, in the dimensions reported below or as the customer requests. Depending on the job at hand, this special fibre shows a high, medium or low level of aggressiveness, which makes this product suitable for cleaning floors before applying other products or before polishing.

Discs are normally cut in big sizes in order to be fixed on specific tools that can make the cleaning operations easier.

Buffing pads are extremely flexible and able to adjust to the shape of the piece to be worked. They leave no residues and have a high resistance.

Upon customer’s request, it is possible to apply velcro to one side of both discs and pads.

Standard buffing pad sizes chartN.B. Pads in different measures can be realized under customer requests according to working necessities.

Standard ITEXFLOOR disc size chartN.B. The diameter of the hole is made to the size required by the customer – also accor¬ding to the shaft of the machine. Upon request, we can provide discs and pads in measures different from those mentioned above.

ITEXFLOOR roll chart

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