Cup wheels

Cup wheels

This product is especially designed for use in the ceramics field. The type of cup wheels vary based on how they will be used: whether they will be used before firing or after firing.

Before firing, cup wheels with abrasive cloth or paper inserted between TRINYL should be used. The choice of the type of fabric is based on the type of removal that needs to be done on the raw material before drying in the kiln.

After firing, cup wheels of only TRINYL fabric should be used.

This product, used solely in the ceramics field, is offered only in the following dimensions:

  • 165 mm in diameter with thickness of 40 mm
  • 150 mm in diameter with thickness of 40 mm

The plastic plate is applied based on the specs of the machine on which they are used, that can be with a hole centred to the wheel, with Velcro applied behind the plate or with a quick coupling.

Based on the type of removal and type of material to be treated, these wheels can be custom-built using any of our wide range of fabrics.

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