General characteristics of TRINYL

TRINYL consists of a “non-woven fabric” nylon 6.6 fibre support impregnated with synthetic resins and abrasive granules consisting of either aluminium oxide (T/A), silicon carbide (T/S) or zirconium (T/Z).

This yields a three-dimensional material characterized by an open and elastic structure.

TRINYL is able to work without becoming clogged, it ensures continual restoration of the abrasive granules, it causes no noise and it ensures uniformity and reliability of the finishing grade without overheating and altering the geometry of the pieces.

Because of the nature of the materials that make it up, TRINYL is unaltered over time, impermeable and usable both dry or with lubricants. TRINYL does not contaminate the surface on which it is being used.

Since this product was developed as a finishing tool for operations that do not require removal of substantial surface material, TRINYL is particularly suited to produce final surface finishes or to reduce surface roughness. That is why TRINYL is able to pick up where other abrasive tools have left off.

The wide range of shapes, types, abrasive grades and densities offered by TRINYL allow it to be used on a wide range of materials, such as: stainless steel, iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, zinc, zamak, titanium, ceramic, glass, plastic, fibreglass, rubber, wood, paints, MDF, lacquers, carbon, hide and marble.

The main uses include: removal of light burrs, cleaning, bevelling, removal of oxides, removal of paints, trimming of pile on wood, metal finishes, satin-finishing, finishes on hides, “roughening” on plastic and rubber, etc.

Characteristics of TRINYL

For a correct interpretation of our fabric codes:

  1. The first letter T is for TRINYL, the product’s general name
  2. As a second letter you will find: S for silicon carbide, A for Aluminium oxide and Z for Zirconium
  3. The third letter indicates the grade (F = Fine)

For example: T/AF corresponds to TRINYL of Aluminium Oxide with a fine grade.

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