Flap wheels with shaft and SATINEX

TRINYL flap wheels are available in two variations: fitted on a steel pin or with key slot. This product is generally used for cleaning, deoxidizing, creating a satin finish on metal parts or for polishing untreated or painted wood.

Due to their simplicity they can be fitted on portable electric or pneumatic tools.

Fitted on column buffing machines, portable tools or automatic machines, the TRINYL flap wheels are ideal for satin-finishing metals, sanding wood and preparing surfaces for gluing or painting. With these wheels it is possible to obtain smooth surfaces without defects. They are also suitable to renew satin-finishing after various machining.

They are available in standard sizes, with 6 cm steel shaft with a 4 mm diameter, for rapid assembly on the mandrels of portable tools.

SATINEX wheels are available with double or quadruple slot, from 50 to 100 mm thickness, depending on the surfaces to be machined. Varying the concentration of flaps you can obtain a variety of densities, thus being able to satisfy any working requirement. Excellent on aluminium alloys, they do not create problems of buckling due to heat.

Flap wheel chart

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