Abrasive papers and cloth

Abrasive papers for raw wood

Abrasive papers for raw wood


Suitable for sanding operations on all types of wood (from soft to hard).

BW110 chart

BW114 Papers for hard wood


Suitable for sanding operations on hard woods.

Chart - BW114 - abrasives for hard wood

Abrasive papers for paints

P37C -abrasive paper for paint


Suitable for low belts where high flexibility is required; great for sanding glossy finishes.

P37C abrasive papers for paint - chart

Aluminium oxide cloth

073WP - Aluminium oxide cloth

073 WP

Suitable for ferrous metals and wet finishing.

Aluminium oxide cloth Chart



High flexibility. Suitable for sanding of raw and laquered wood. Also indicated for leather soles sanding.

Chart -LS 309-J-FLEX


KL 361

Very high flexibility, suitable for manual working and for belts for sanding boards. Good proportion between quality and price.

KL361 Chart

Zirconium cloth

R817 - Zirconium cloth


Suitable for steel working and belts for shoe manufacturing.

R817 Zirconium cloth Chart



Suitable for steel working and belts for shoe manufacturing.

R822 Chart

Flexible aluminium oxide cloth



Suitable for brass sanding.



3M 777F

Suitable for very hard metals as steel and titanium.

3M-777F chart

Other abrasive products

Graphite cloth

Graphite cloth (anti grip)

Exceptional sliding. To be applied on pads for a minimum friction. Available in different sizes, as per client request.



Spirabands are made by wrapped abrasive Aluminium Oxide or Zirconium cloth and glued on a cotton support. Suitable for grinding and finishing operations on steel, glass, plastic, leather and wood surfaces in order to remove imperfections. Available in different sizes as per client request.

Abrasive sheets with velcro

Sheets and rolls with velcro

Abrasive paper coupled with velcro. To be used dry for manual or mechanic (manual sanding machines) sanding operations on wood and metal surfaces. It shows a high flexibility and it is suitable for operations on shaped surfaces. Available in different sizes, as per client request.

Paper discs with velcro

Paper discs with velcro

Abrasive discs with velcro with/without holes, for the following fields: boating, wood, metal, marble and body car shop. Available diameters 115 – 125 – 150 mm, from grit P40 to grit P100.


Soft or pressed felt

Coupled with abrasive non-woven fabric, the felt (soft or pressed) is generally used in pads for manual polishing operations on surfaces. Available in different sizes and hardnesses, as per client request.

Abrasive wheels

Abrasive cloth wheels

Abrasive lamellar wheels radially fixed to a centre core. Used for hand work or with grinding machine. Removal grade can change due to abrasive grain, from the most aggressive to the softer one. Available with pin or with flange. Diameter, thickness, grain and hole vary based on client’s request. Available diameters 250 – 300 mm and with thickness 25 or 50 mm.


Plates & accessories

Wide range of plates and accessories with every kind of connection in the following diameters: 75 – 115 – 125 – 150 – 180 – 200

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