This product is composed by polyamide fibres and abrasive granules with aluminium oxide distributed on a tough and resistant backing fabric.

This material is characterized by nylon fibre, bound to a particularly resistant cloth backing. FIBRAT does not clog during machining. It ensures high resistance to wearing, long life, uniformity and repeatability of the degree of finish; it causes no harmful overheating of the parts being treated.

The nature of its constituent elements makes FIBRAT usable both dry and with the presence of lubricating fluids with no danger of contaminating the treated surfaces and the work environment.

FIBRAT is particularly suited for high efficiency work on automatic machines or portable tools: satin-finishing, deoxidizing, deburring and polishing metals.

Thanks to its particular structure it is suited for conversion into belts or cut discs for work on a flat surface.

FIBRAT chart

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