About us

A leading company

Founded in 2001, AWF – Abrasive Wheels Factory quickly became – thanks to the experience of its founder – a leader in the national and international abrasive market, specialising in the production and transformation of abrasive fabrics and of paper and cloth for industrial processing.

Located in the industrial area of Fano (Italy), AWF’s headquarters were developed with state-of-the-art technology that have allowed the company to grow during these years and to consistently deliver high-quality services to its customers. The equipment and machinery, as well as the strict processing procedures and regulations, ensure the delivery of products and services of the highest quality and flexibility. 

From its conception until today, AWF – Abrasive Wheels Factory has expanded the range of products offered, striving to satisfy the various needs of the companies it serves. Specialising in the production of hand pads and discs, wheels, flap discs, ventilated wheels, abrasive paper and cloth cut in rolls, belts, discs and pads, the  company currently offers a catalogue of products destined for a variety of uses, particularly in the sectors of engineering, bodyworking, woodworking, ceramics and footwear.

As AWF continues to work hard to deliver top-notch products and services, it dedicates time and care to the choice of the raw materials, the production systems and of the final product.

Drawing from years of experience and professionalism, AWF – Abrasive Wheels Factory assists the client in selecting the best product and application to achieve the desired outcome.